“Useless” memories

by Jennifer M. Dryden (c) 2009

“Useless” is usually the best reason not to buy something at the store, right? I mean if you can’t use it, why buy it? You usually ponder convincing thoughts such as “well it’ll be fun to have” or “who cares; it’s only a few dollars.” But to a college student, items labeled “useless” usually get set back on the store shelf. I’m that way too…most of the time… but never when I’m visiting my two cousins – Lindsay (23) and Elizabeth (17) – in Davenport. We splurge a few dollars on “useless” crafts at the local Michael’s Craft Store every time we get together, which isn’t often.

A small wooden sailboat is our most recent “useless” item we all three have sitting in a corner somewhere collecting dust. After spending about an hour rummaging through the aisles of Michael’s, where we usually start a laugh attack and shout from aisle to aisle, we came across wooden kits for cars, airplanes, tractors and… sailboats. Yup, sailboats. That was our idea. Why you ask? Because it only cost one dollar. ONE DOLLAR for all of the wooden pieces, two fabric sails, string, glue, four colors of paint, paint brush, sand paper, and tons of fun.  With Lindsay and I being in college, we took the bargain.

We had all the intentions to test the waters with our new sailboats. A race in the bathtub at 10 p.m. would have been fun. We never actually got to the racing part though. The idea was better than the probable fate of our cheap sailboats.

We took pride in decorating them – we always do – and reminiscing on good memories we share. Every time we go to Michael’s and buy a ridiculous, “useless” craft, we end up having the best time – laughing until tears roll down our cheeks.

In the past we’ve made ceramic trolls, jewelry boxes, wooden picture frames without any glass front or back attached, and now wooden sailboats. All “useless.” It’s a tradition we cousins have. The item we have constructed may be “useless” but the memories and laughs are and will always be “priceless.”


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