Cinderella – from the stepsister’s point of view

Note: I wrote this my junior year in high school for a voice exercise in my creative writing class. I love it.

by Jennifer M. Dryden (c) 2005

“And they lived happily ever after,” huh yeah right. If you were me, you would have spit on that heart-felt moment. I was supposed to be the sexy bride that got all the attention. The one that guys would whistle at while you walked by, strutting your stuff. But once again that poor, ugly excuse of a stepsister would get all the public attention, that I, a booty-licious, beautiful lady deserved. But anyway, that ring should have been mine! That night of the ball, where supposedly Cinderella made the most handsome prince fall in love with her, yeah… I danced so much that my feet swelled up. So when the prince’s right-hand-man came to fit the mysterious shoe, my feet were too big. I tried to correct the man and tell him the whole stinking story, when Miss Priss came stomping down the stairs. Mum tried to tell the man that she was dirt and that a shoe that pretty didn’t belong to an ugly thing like that. But I guess the brain-less dude was deaf, because he did it anyway. And that shoe suddenly became the nastiest thing that ever came to Earth. It fit her! Can you believe it? The “slipper” (as the rich call it) fit Cinderella! That little-footed prince stealer! She stole my man, my wealth, and my happy ending too! So in my mind this lovely story that all of you gullible people think is so sweet, is a bunch of bull. I was supposed to laugh in Cinderella’s face and prove her wrong! Now I’m left in the dark where none of my perfect features can be noticed. Happily ever after? Ha, I think not!


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  1. ayesha irfan

    cool like it very creative

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