GOING Magazine Brand Launch

*Keep in mind, this is a NYU student project and the advertisers mentioned below are in no way a part of this projection or presentation.

For the past three weeks, I’ve been working on launching a magazine brand with a team of 10 other SPI students. Let me introduce you to it.

Going Magazine is a high-end, highly literate, travel magazine. It’s a quarterly, an evergreen or collectible,  one-destination (per print issue) magazine. Each issue is focused on one specific destination; for our launch print issue for March/April 2011, we focused on Ireland. Its target audience is men and women in their forties and fifties who make $100,000 to $500,000 per year, have disposable income, who are highly-literate, and aren’t tied down by children. They are more interested in the experience, culture, and learning experience than they are about the cost, which narrows our advertisers and content. We are truly a niche magazine that is filling a hole in the travel magazine genre, according to our research and according to the several workshop critics from various magazines and publishing companies.

Going Magazine is theoretically partnering with VISA and Abercrombie and Kent Travel. By obtaining lists from them (which may or may not be realistic according to a judge in today’s judging), we will be getting our target audience fairly soon. The other CPM and advertising stuff goes over my head, I’m an editorial girl. But for the gist of it, AirFrance, VISA, Abercrombie and Kent, etc are are main advertisers.

I was the Web Art Director in the group, thus designed the website. I will attach the first and final drafts of the website so you can see how changes were made. The first one was “too boxy” and needed a better flow without the distraction of the boxes with more emphasis on the visuals.

The homepage is reflective of Going Magazine’s web mission statement by incorporating a visually inviting atmosphere with gorgeous photography, personality from the staff writers who are experts in their area of interest, and interactive community blogging and sharing links. Initially, the homepage draws the eye to the main photograph with a feature headline. A continually updated franchise section called “Top 25 Places You Are Going” lets the visitor know their word will be heard if they participate. “My 2 Cents” connects the visitor to our Community page where they can immerse themselves into the interactive maps, blogs, and social media aspects of GoingMagazine.com. There is a “Blogosphere” roll on the right side to provide links to our staff bloggers scattered throughout the globe. “Who’s Writing” is a movable roll introducing the visitors to their five staff writers and their assigned roles. (To read more in-depth on the homepage design, view the explanations page I turned in as a part of the assignment.)

The Community landing page is the key to GoingMagazne.com and allows the visitor to tell their travel stories from around the globe and participate in our social media and blog sections. (To read more in-depth on the Community page design and content, view the same explanations page that is linked above.)

I also designed a Photography page, feature story page, blog post page, and the logo. It was intensive work and I am so glad to not stare at InDesign this weekend. It has expanded my use of InDesign and allowed me to create a layout for a website, which is something I’ve never done. Great opportunity, long process and nights. There were many times when I wanted to throw the computer out the window and take great joy in watching and hearing it crash into a million pieces, secretly hoping computers bleed. Luckily, my roommates were art directors too and understood my rants and supported them with their own. We kept each other going.

Here are the links to my first draft and my final draft of the website in which we just presented today at 9 a.m. in front of four judges:

Editorial/design: Susan Kaufman, Editor in Chief, People StyleWatch

Advertising/marketing: Mary Morgan, Publisher, Redbook

Digital: Jamie Pallot, Editorial Director, Conde Nast Digital

I answered many of the questions the judges asked and spoke smoothly and clearly while answering and presenting. I just need to find a magic spell to make my face not turn red, then I’ll be golden. Anyway, let me hear your comments — good or constructive — of Going Magazine and GoingMagazine.com.

The presentation was compiled of all our sections. Thanks to my fellow group members. We rocked it!



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2 responses to “GOING Magazine Brand Launch

  1. Trish Illiano

    Jennifer: Congratulations! I just reviewed your presentation of Going magazine and I’m ready to pack my bags 🙂 I know you are working hard this summer; best of luck with the rest of your summer projects. I look forward to more work!!!

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