Kid Lounge: Buzzing About Kids’ Books

Screen Shot of Kid Lounge

I have recently started another WordPress blog called “Kid Lounge: Buzzing About Kids’ Books.” After graduating the New York University Summer Publishing Institute last month, I decided the children’s market is my calling and if I really sat down and thought about it, it is common sense. I belong in the children’s book industry because I am the market through and through. I have four tubs full of brand new and slightly used children’s books. I have four-plus years working with children and parents in a child care setting. I have the drive and passion for those beautifully illustrated, creative story lined books. They all inspire me so I hope this new blog will inspire some new ideas, activities, and reading material for parents and their children. If you are a parent, check it out. If you’re a fan of this blog, check it out. If my crazed life interests you, this is my newest venture. Check Kid Lounge out!

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Thanks for your forever support with this creative blog of mine and I will continue to nurture it as well as Kid Lounge. I hope you enjoy!


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