Country in the City

Pandora has saved me from lonely nights, provided background noise while writing, and has allowed me to go back in time to mourn Michael Jackson’s and the Beatles’ genius musical work. But, today it brought the country to the city and my past to the present… the good past, not the awkward, brace-faced, miserable emo one. My purple earbuds were in place and I typed in “Carrie Underwood” to the channel search bar and bam! Cue modern country music – the only kind I can stand for any period of time.

There’s something about country music that relaxes your soul, relieves stress, and brings us rural folk back to their roots. The lyrics always have so much meaning and it’s not always about an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. At first I just enjoyed how they targeted my preference in country music perfectly, but then I noticed how all of these songs held special places in my life growing up, no matter how simple of moments they were. Here are a few of the songs that hold a story from my first 23 years.

Ever since I was a dancer in tap, jazz, ballet and lyrical, my mom would give me cards for May recitals quoting this song, “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack.

When I hit middle school, I was borderline Godsmack and Kenny Chesney mixed together, depending on my mood. A few friends and I went to a Kenny Chesney concert in Des Moines, Iowa, but not for the sexy tractor guy with a nice butt. We went for the opening act: Jessica Andrews. (We screamed “We love you, Jessica!” and she responded, “I love you, too!” We were so cool.)

Somewhere tucked in my flaming fire CD case is a CD burned from my friend Charlotte’s final singing competition round in Nashville, Tennessee. She is singing this song by the Dixie Chicks and when the initial twangs started, I questioned if Char was on Pandora.

And, of course the all time favorite and relatable song for the girls. I don’t know how many times my girlfriends and I sang out loud to this song.

The country in the city musical adventure ends by coming full-circle to the song that wishes its listeners all of their dreams.


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