Hey B, it’s S…

Tonight I sat down with a mug of hot chocolate like so many cold winter nights with a single table lamp on and covered with a fuzzy blanket. I’ve lived this season 23 times and every year it’s been the same, but also every time a little different. This time it is not because I’m in a different state or a different time zone. This post is about how tonight I sat down and watched the series finale of Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. Yes, such a great lede and BAM, most of you will stop reading. But, let me tell you what this post is really about before you push the “X” that is tempting your mouse. This is about friendship. A friendship that while watching this final Hannah Montana episode made me cry and made me miss a friend.

I miss every single one of my friends, but tonight the last show was an all encompassing best friends growing, changing, but never letting go, never allowing distance or changes in life tear them apart. The song I will post along with this makes me cry and miss my best friend Andrea more than I ever thought I would. I mean I just saw her before the New Year. Call it temporary insanity or something. But let me just shine some light on Andrea or the best friend I like to call “B”.

My favorite picture!

B is B. I am S. We were besties ever since my first weekend at Iowa State University back in 2007. We made dinner and watched Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill every Monday for three years. We knocked sense into each other whenever we’d attempt at a life changing decision or a boy who was out of our league. We had each others’ backs and you know what, even though we are states and states apart, we still have each others’ backs. We still call each other screaming with excitement, yelling with frustration, crying with a broken heart, and laughing at the dumb thing we just did that we had to tell each other. But no matter what conversation we had, at the end or after a few hours of calming down from our argument, we realize without each other we have nothing.

So here’s my big tribute to one of the best people I know. I am so proud to call her my best friend and I am so proud of the woman she is becoming… (I know that sounds like something a mother would say… but just go with it!) Even though things aren’t ideal yet, B, they will be before you know it. I have your back and even though that won’t pay the bills or provide your independence, I mean it. You’re doing amazing things and I think not enough people give you credit for it. Someday Mister Right will come along, you’ll be working your dream job, and you’ll be ready to take a big leap. If I could buy your plane ticket out to New York, I would right now because I miss you enough that it makes me cry to be so far away from the one person who gets me completely, the person who is the B to my S. (Ha, I am referring to Gossip Girl, not the BS that you all are thinking… although we are good at that too!)

And always remember that just because I’m living a dream job in New York, doesn’t mean I have everything figured out… this dream job is an “internship” that could be over in May. I don’t hold the key. But I know that if I do get the job or I don’t get the job, you will be there on the other end of my phone waiting with a sympathetic tone and an uplifting “Something else will come up that’s even better!” or a scream that will match mine in excitement and love.

So if any of you are far away from your best friend tonight, take a minute to tell them how much you love them and how proud you are of them. So B, from a different time zone and different state, I love you and damn girl, one of these days… we’re gunna rule the freakin’ world! I miss you a lot!


Song links: Wherever I Go – Miley Cyrus and    I’ll Always Remember You  – Miley Cyrus

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6 responses to “Hey B, it’s S…

  1. Maria Kovarik

    Jenn, Love this post, I know I’m not Andrea but it really speaks the truth about best friends!!! Kudos to you! ps. hot chocolate sounds amazing right now!

  2. Dee Ludwig

    Jennifer, you are blest to have a true best friend. They are indeed rare and thus, a treasure like none other. I know you will do everything to keep that friendship alive. You make me smile. I feel like I know Andrea through your words over the past few years.
    Love to you always,

  3. Andrea

    S, I miss you TONS too! 🙂 Thanks for being so supportive and dealing with me cause I know I’m a mess every time we talk lately! You’re doing awesome things and Sterling would have to be stupid not to hire you in May. It’s in the bag! 🙂 P.S. I love the little slide show! lol I love you ! I’m gonna call you!

    • B, I read this comment while talking to you on the phone. I still think that is funny. Great to talk to you and laugh hard. No matter how crazy you seem, I will always “put up with you”! lol Love you mucho!

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