Writing Matters

I know once I write this I’ll have to hide it from everyone. I know once I write this I won’t be able to take it back. I know once I write this I will have finally told the truth. I know once I write this I will make it real. And I know, once I write this, I will feel a moment’s relief and then slip slowly into a mass on the floor; a mass on the floor that doesn’t know what to think of itself anymore.

So many people hold secrets; hold truths to their lives. Secrets for whatever reason can’t be told. People are so afraid of writing it; of expressing it; of finally sitting down and doing something about it.

You have an idea but you don’t think it matters. You have an essay that reveals too much, but it speaks your heart. You have the time to discuss politics, love, and failures of our country, but you never discuss what’s really on your mind. You have a voice, but decide to push mute.

Then you hear a few praises and decide you’ll give it a shot. You pick up a pen and begin to tell your story. You begin to make your life permanent. It’s in ink now. You can’t take this back. Everyone will know.

Invisible signs taunt you and “risk” is a buzzword in your thoughts. You regret writing it, or maybe you regret feeling it, but it’s written. It’s out there for someone to find, someone to read, and someone to judge. Your deepest emotions, your deepest passions are there in pages and pages of black and white ink. You could always rip it up. You could always shred it to pieces. You could always seal it in an envelope and toss it out into that stream behind your house. No one will ever see it.

Or you could lay it flat on your desk. You could then open a blog site. Transcribe it into electronic sans font and push “submit” on the right-hand side. You could open your mouth and say it. You could throw it out there and see if it flies. You could have your voice heard. You can get that moment’s relief.

Your words matter. Your thoughts matter. Your story… it matters. It all matters. People tell me it matters. I tell people it matters. The First Amendment says it matters. Open your heart and write it, type it, and finally share your heart with the world. Go ahead; punch the world in the face. Make us listen. I’ll listen.




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2 responses to “Writing Matters

  1. Judy Van Tieghem

    wow jen – that is extremely profound and good.

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