Movie Review: Rango

Advanced Screening of Rango Pass

Because I work for Sterling Children’s Books, I got the opportunity to see the advanced screening of Nickelodeon’s Rango last night. After the advanced showing of Rango, here are my thoughts.

Do not take kids younger than 10.

  1. There are a lot of “damn” and “hell” words in it.
  2. There is a lot of shooting guns and killing.
  3. There is a lot of adult humor. Where it was hilarious to me as an adult, it would be completely inappropriate for kiddos. (It’d probably go right over their heads, but just be ready for questions!)
  4. Rango the character was brilliant at resembling and having Johnny Depp’s mannerisms!
  5. Good and entertaining movie for mature children, tweens, teens, and adults.
  6. I wish their would have been more color in the movie. Very gray and brown.
  7. Great storyline with a meaningful message worth discussing with your kids afterword.
  8. Asks: Who do you want to be?

My suggestions for an alternative Rango experience:

  1. Buy the books instead for your kids! I know I am preaching Sterling, but honestly, the books are great! There are four of them.

Rango book series


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