I heart NY

For a year I sat in my NYC apartment bedroom with Iowa friends and family pictures plastered all of my mostly bare, white walls. I taped every card I received in the mail on one wall, covering most of it, to remind me that the miles didn’t erase me from their minds. Now I sit in my Iowa apartment living room that I dubbed my NYC room. On the walls are frames filled with scenes from the city I fell in love with, the friends that I miss daily, and the good times I will never forget. This room, just like the one in New York, is the closest I get to the life I lived before. Although I am 21 hours away from the 8 million people, the honking, impatient cars, and the jerky, delayed subways, I know that NYC will go on without me and I will go on without it. But I will never forget or lessen the love I have for it and I will go back to visit frequently.

Here are a few things in NYC that I love the most:

1) Mister Softee: Oh the gloriousness of ordering ice cream off the streets! I would never be ashamed of owning, driving, and selling this ice cream. On hot days or even moderately warm days, Mister Softee ice cream treats complete me. 

2) H&M: I know H&M’s are found in other cities as well as Mister Softee but not like NYC. An H&M can be found in most neighborhoods in NYC, 5th Ave, 2 on 34th St, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, etc etc. There is never an excuse not to pop in and look around. Affordable fashion=my kind of store. (the pic won’t turn :/)

3) Bookstores within your every reach: Working for a book publisher is great in so many ways and buying a book is easy in the city because there are Barnes & Nobles and small independent bookstores all over the city.

4) M1-5: (52 Walker Street, Tribeca) My favorite night club in the island of Manhattan. OK, that’s an understatement. It probably is my favorite dance lounge in the entire world. Maybe I didn’t branch to a lot of other dance lounges, but why when you found your perfect fit? Great happy hour and awesome tunes that project the videos on the wall. Stellar bartenders, chic digs, and DJs who take requests seriously.

5) Birch Coffee: (5 East 27th Street, Midtown) Best hot chocolate in the entire city!

6) Cheap, but excellent manis and pedis: (KiKi’s Nail Salon 3420 30th Ave, Astoria) Astoria and Queens are notorious for so many nail salons that they are cheap, but just as amazing as expensive Manhattan salons. $22 for BOTH mani and pedi = what I miss the most about the city life. My feet and hands were never so happy.

7) The Piers: Nothing beats drinking a margarita, good company, and a sunset on the Hudson River. Pier 84 is one of the most peaceful places in Manhattan. Nice bar and grill right there too.

8 ) Madison Square Park: Best park in all of Manhattan in my opinion. Plus it has Shake Shack… if you don’t know what that is, I’m sorry! Delicious shakes and burgers, hotdogs, etc. There’s a webcam on its website so you can see how long the line is. Worth the wait!

9) Hollywood Diner: (16th St and 6th Ave) The best and low-priced 24 hour diner in the city. Never too busy, always a seat open, and amazing food. Brenner cravings already!

10) Red Stairs in Times Square: Now I hardly went to Times Square because it’s too crowded, people are always tourists taking pictures, and it’ll take more time to maneuver your way through than it will to do what you came there for. BUT one of my favorite spots in the city is the red stairs. If you want to take it all in, sit here.

11) Sights to see: No matter how long you’ve lived in this city, you never run out of interesting places to see and things to do. I was there for a year and didn’t see half of it. Never a dull moment here.

Central Park

Statue of Liberty

Rockefeller or Empire State Building

Strawberry Fields

Brooklyn Bridge

Times Square

Notable TV streets

Late Night TV Shows

Grand Central Station

Giant Disney stores and toy stores

And that’s only to name a few great things in NYC. It truly is one of the greatest places on earth, even though it’s loud and smelly. I love you, New York, and that’s the truth!


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