Nature with Me

* This poem was written in 2001 while I was in seventh grade on a field trip to a forest, camp area called Spring Brook in Iowa. Our English assignment was to write a nature poem while sitting amongst the masses of trees, birds, and grasses. This is what I wrote. It was then published in a 2001 International Library of Poetry compilation book. It’s sort of where it all began.

© Jennifer Dryden 2001

I can hear birds chirping
I can hear them sing
But as I listen
I wish I had wings

I could fly away
Away from life
To make the world okay

But as I sit and listen
I hear the wind start to wind
The things I look at are so kind

As I sit I see the trees
All so different and unique
It reminds me of my life
I sit and think

The world is so beautiful to me
All that I wish I could be
But as I sit and wonder
My life is like the thunder.


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