My Top 10 Songs of All Time

These songs send a message to me that hits home. In some way, these songs paint a picture of where my heads at and who I am. There’s a huge variety, but if I had to pick ten top songs of my life, these would be them. Get ready for the world to crumble around you with amazing music. Well, at least create a new playlist of my top ten. I love these songs and they mean different things to me. Try to interpret my brain… go on. Try! Gooooood luck! You’ll need it. 🙂 🙂 Comment with you own favorite songs. What songs mean to most to you? I wanna know!

10. Hit the Lights – Selena Gomez (Live your dreams, don’t hold back, and just do it! Dance your ass off too!)

9. Her Eyes – Pat Monahan (This song makes me smile.)

8. Beautiful Disaster – Kelly Clarkson (This is a painted picture of my brother Chad.)

7. I Will Learn to Love Again – Kaci Battaglia (I dance all over my kitchen floor in socks to this song. Singing into a spatula with great power!)

6. Time After Time – Quietdrive  (This will be the song I will dance to with my brother at my wedding.)

5. Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s (A man who would support a girlfriend in New York City through everything… this song is obviously one of my favorites.)

4. Boston – Augustana (This song gets in my head. Turn it up as high as your volume goes, close your eyes, and soak its meaning into your brain.)

3. Drops of Jupiter – Train

2. 23 – Jimmy Eat World (Lose yourself in the first instrumental by blaring it in your ears. It sends you someplace… a place only you know.)

1. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston (This is my number one favorite song in the entire world.)


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