New York City

Love it and it will love you


8 point 7 million people live there
6 point 7 million people commute in
13,000 taxis own the streets
600 subways run at rush hour
Rent is high
Cable and Internet are monopolized
Strangers are not nice
Metro cards hike rates with little notice
Carry pepper spray and clench keys in your fists after dark

It takes only the determined, only the best, only the ones who are ready
If you’re not ready, it’ll mug, threaten, and take full advantage
Are you strong enough?
If you are then it is too.
It’s ready to love you, please you, surprise you
It commits to making you happy
It gives you the purpose you’ve searched for
It fulfills your dreams

New York City is overpopulated, too expensive, and tests your patience.
Every day.
But it’ll welcome you
And salute your courage
It’ll change you


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