I Am From…

Note: This is a part of my Identity unit for upper-level high school English students. I wrote this one in 2007 in one of my education classes, and will use it as an example. It’s a fun way to get students writing creatively while reflecting upon their identity and where they come from. This falls into my first week of my four-week unit. 

I Am From…
By Jennifer Dryden

I am from a beach towel for the perfect tan, from American Airlines flying across this beautiful land.

 I am from homemade meals that smell like heaven, from a single parent home since I was eleven.

I am from a daffodil and a pink rose, from a place where happiness comes from a child’s wrinkled up little nose.

I am from long drives at Christmas and a simple two-person holiday, from being a person who goes out of her way.

 I am from loyal and true, from the proud Red, White, and Blue!

I am from unstoppable laughter and the most random thoughts, from knowing that I spent way too much money on what I just bought.

I am from unconditional love and late night calls to Mom, from the small town girl transformed into this excited city nightlife bomb.

I am from serious procrastination, which interferes quite a bit, from loving the sight from a bench in which I love to sit.

I am from lunch dates and chicken strips, from late night walks with keys clenched in between my fists.

I am from tradition and emotion and just being who I am, from living day-to-day and reading stories to kids, “Sam I am.”

I am from closeness and farness, from please stop me from writing this.

I am from knowing myself, from being myself, and from writing myself.


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  1. Diane Dryden

    You truly have a gift, dear daughter!! Share it as often as you can!! Luv ya!! Mom

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