My catch makes me a good one

Someone recently asked me what my catch was. They had thought I would be scooped up by now from what they know of me. My answer?

“I don’t think there is a catch.”

I asked a few friends and they all shook their heads in thought and said something to the effect of “well… you work a lot.” Their voices raised in question at the end of that statement.

One friend joked that “well…you ARE crazy.” Then laughed, patting me on the shoulder.

Those are both true, but I define my kind of crazy as being passionate and driven in something a person puts time and energy in. For example, I’m crazy about my journalism program at North. I’m crazy about Taylor Swift. I’m crazy about teens and their infinite potential. And if you pay any attention to me on any platform, that shouldn’t be a shock.

So after washing this through the many filters of my brain, I decided those weren’t catches. Being passionate and driven in your career should be an asset to a relationship, and to a person in general. It shouldn’t be something to block out goodness or create stress. It shouldn’t stop someone from loving me. It shows commitment to something, it shows success. And in my profession, teaching, it shows unconditional love for young people who need someone who’s crazy about them.

So when someone who is becoming more and more important to me asked in awe what my catch was, and my friends determined it was my work ethic and being a little crazy, I had to disagree.

I disagree, wholeheartedly.

My heart is full in the sense of all the kids who live there and continue to move in. My job is what I’m passionate about, in most definitions of the word passionate. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have room for someone special. It doesn’t mean I can’t be crazy about them as well. It doesn’t mean I can’t have more priorities. It doesn’t mean I’m unlovable. It means quite the opposite.

There’s no catch. But can I twist those words and say that I’m a catch? Because without being too modest, I am. Call me crazy!


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