Blog Roll

This is a virtual pat on the back to the bloggers below. Here are links to blogs I read and recommend.

Other blogs to check out: – Meet my dear friend Katie Connors who is a publishing professional in New York City. Her insights on publishing and expertise in writing will entice you to keep reading post after post. Follow her, she’s going places. – Good friend Leah Baugh creatively writes poetry upon the pages of her blog. She’s an up-and-coming English teacher from Iowa who has a knack for writing words that sing her and our souls. – My New York City film/photographer friend does amazing work and is sharing her talent with us through her blog. Her website is: – NYC SPI roommate and close friend Desire’e Bussiere writes creatively through poetry and entries to which young women can relate. Her interaction with the Army, publishing industry, and outlook on life keeps me reading every post. – ISU friend Ivy Christianson has one of the most distinctive writing voices I’ve ever read. Her sarcasm, hilarity, and love for writing shines through every post. Her adventures are interesting, too! – The Summer Publishing Institute I attended.


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