I graduated from the 2010 New York University Summer Publishing Institute and gained a more extensive understanding of the magazine and book publishing industries. I worked closely with publishing professionals and other students within the program to create a travel magazine’s website, and a book imprint’s sales sheets, comp. titles, and key selling points. Before NYU, I graduated from Iowa State University in May 2010 and gained journalistic writing, creative writing, design, and editing skills. This page serves as an online portfolio of my creative work that has been published, used in an organization, or designed for personal use. Documents here represent what I can do comfortably.

Summer 2010:

GOING website During the 2010 Summer Publishing Institute’s magazine section, I was the Web Art Director. I designed this website using Adobe InDesign.

Spring 2010:

First Amendment Day brochure– I was student co-chair of Iowa State University’s First Amendment Day Committee Fall and Spring 2009-2010. I designed and planned most events included in this brochure. I also designed a High School Essay Contest flyer that was sent out to all high schools in the state of Iowa. I helped judge those essays and choose three winners.

Ebay Instruction Manual – For my business communication class, I designed an instruction manual about how to post products on I was a part of a three-person team, but did the designing part of the project.

Graduation Invitation – A graduation invitation I designed using InDesign.

Saltine Crackers and Eighth Grade audio – Audio project surrounded by an eighth grade technology class in Ames, Iowa. Sam Roberts, eighth grade student at Ames Middle School, enrolled in Teacher Ron Heinen’s digital technology class the second trimester of the 2009-2010 school year. Roberts centered his video production project technically serious but twisted it with a satirical storyline of a boy looking for his stolen Saltine crackers. Along the quest to find the Saltines, he finds the true meaning of friendship. Audio slideshow will be uploaded once blog is upgraded for video capabilities.

Cincinnati Sounds – I dressed myself with earbuds, an audio recorder, and a microphone and walked downtown Cincinnati to capture the city with audio. I mixed and mashed it together and created this replica of Cincinnati, except only in sounds.

Writing Samples:

3 Feature Stories: Published in the Iowa State Daily newspaper, these features show a wide range of what I’ve covered relating to families, children, and living in Story County, Iowa.

3 Business Profiles: Published in the Iowa State Daily newspaper, these profiles consist of my centerpiece features in the Business section. In spring 2009, I helped the Iowa State Daily start the Business section that ran once a week. I worked on a team of one other writer, a managing editor, and the newspaper’s designer, adviser and president. Together we laid out the page’s design, content, and surrounding features.


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