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Running In Heels

By the title, one might think this could be about the new reality series called just that, “Running In Heels,” but it’s not. It’s about running in heels from Times Square to the Financial District in New York City. It sounds horrible and painful. Well, it is. But not the way you’d assume.

I toured Marie Claire Magazine and Good Housekeeping Magazine this morning in Midtown Manhattan’s Hearst Tower, so naturally, I was in heels. Now, they weren’t stilettos or wedges, which seem to tear your feet up more than the kitten heels I was wearing, but still… heels. Our group had gotten out a little late from our dream tour of the Marie Claire fashion room, where outfits are put together for models and cover celebrities, our amazing meeting with the executive editor, Anne Fulenwider, and editor-at-large, Abigail Pesta, and our almost physical run-in with Project Runway co-judge and Fashion Director at Marie Claire, Nina Garcia.

After exchanging my business card with the two editors, I departed onto one of at least 12 elevators in the Hearst Tower to text Desire’e and failed to find my Droid cell phone. My mind quickly recovered from the heavenly, cloud-lifted feeling it had within those glass doors of journalism and realized being in NYC with no phone isn’t safe. I had 40 minutes to get back to Palladium (14th Street) from Hearst (57th Street) and down to the Woolworth Building (Barclay Street) in the Financial District. Running in heels began.

After jumping on the W train to Palladium, I exited the wrong subway stairway, which was further away. I scanned my Palladium card to get into the building and hit the elevator button with five minutes to go. Needless to say, I was going to be late. (This is definitely not an Iowa small town, just so we’re on the same page.) A couple other students were with me too. I grabbed the still-plugged-in Droid and slopped together a PB sandwich and banana and whipped down the hallway, down the elevator and out past the revolving doors. The subway glides through and I’m finally on my way to the first seminar with InStyle‘s editorial operations director, Lavinel Savu, on the print magazine business model. I reach my reserved seat (thanks to Desire’e) 15 minutes tardy. It’s shameful to enter late, but we gracefully entered through the back entrance, where barely anyone glanced up.

Back to the running in heels not being so horrible…

I was running from Times Square to the Financial District of New York City. It was a beautiful, rushed blur of cement, glass, and gothic skyscrapers, suited and skirted business people, a few tourists with their “I ❤ N.Y.” t-shirts, and loud car horns, subway tracks, and venders, pedaling their hotdogs and flyers. It wasn’t a cornfield or short buildings with clear sidewalks displaying no personality or sweat panted people slumping over; it was a view. I was running in heels with a view. Being hurried used to be horrible; it used to be dreaded; it used to be painful. Here, it’s not. (Although, I’d much rather be on time.)


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NYC, here I come!

by Jennifer M. Dryden

I wanted all of you to know that I had applied to the New York University Summer Publishing Institute in New York City early February and got notification Monday, March 22 around 2:30 p.m. that I have been ACCEPTED!!!! and will be attending NYU this summer for this intensive six-week program centered on the publishing industry in the heart of Manhattan. Wow, that feels awesome to think and type into this.

This has been all I’ve wanted since I first heard of the Summer Publishing Institute fall semester when my advanced non-fiction creative writing professor and published author, Ben Percy, suggested I seriously look into it. He saw in me something that I never had the guts to admit to myself; I was an “honest-to-goodness” writer. He believed that I was good enough to apply to such a prestigious institution and accredited program in the hotspot of my industry: New York City. He wrote me an unbelievable letter of recommendation that I still believe was the thing that got me admitted, but he also was the first professional to ever look me in the eye and say I had talent and I should pursue such a journey.

Well I applied, and I applied early in hopes of early admission, which for some reason, actually happened! The final deadline for applications is March 29, 2010… if my calendar serves me right, it’s only March 23, 2010. I got early acceptance and that is wonderful. I was expecting to sweat it out until mid-April. Since I have gotten a BlackBerry, my email is sent straight to my phone… which is a good and pain-in-the-ass thing… but yesterday it pinged and I glanced up to my open laptop from judging the high school essay contest for my First Amendment Day committee duties and noticed the tagline read, “NYU Summer Publishing Institute.” I dropped my pencil, picked up my heart that was on the ground, and clicked the email.

“Congratulations! We are please to inform you that you have been accepted…” that’s as far as I got before I screamed, jumped up on my feet and collapsed into the arms of one of my good friends, Bethany, who was reading essays and selling t-shirts with me in the same room. I cried and she cried, and we hugged, then… a couple advisers and staff who I work with came around the corner and asked, panicked, “What’s wrong?” I turn, tears streaming down my face and say “I got in to NYU! I got in to NYU!” They congratulated me, sincerely. It wasn’t until about an hour later that I sat down and finished reading the acceptance email, which told me my next step in accepting the offer and finding campus housing.

I am accepting my offer today before it’s filled by another spot. I also am writing a large dollar amounted check to NYU to hold my place. This will be followed by another check, and another check… and probably lots of other checks. BUT, this is what I wanted more than anything. I hope NYU and the professionals in the publishing industry who teach this program see what my creative writing professor saw in me. This program is my “in” to the book publishing industry, a place I only dream of right now. It’s in my reach and after graduation from ISU in 46 days, I can grasp this opportunity and God knows I won’t let go.

I wanted to share this with you to let you know my plan after Iowa State. I love Iowa State and my family close by, but NYC is very tempting and as my license plate has said for three years now, “CY2NYC” and damn it, I’m a Cyclone going to New York freakin’ City starting early June! WHOOOOOO!

I’ve created a new page called “NYC Summer” where you can follow my adventures through the program and life in NYC this summer.

Telling my mom about my acceptance email to NYU's Summer Publishing Institute. Photo: Dennis Chamberlin/ISU professor

My celebration fist pump after finding out I got admitted. Photo: Dennis Chamberlin/ISU professor

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