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Celebrate Being Single

Every single person should start their day with a smile. I’m not saying being in a relationship always sucks because some people are keepers, but the single life is a time that is worth celebrating. It’s worth the top volume of your iTunes account or boombox (I have one, they aren’t retired yet!) and dancing in socks on your kitchen tile floor with a spatula as a mircophone. What is the song you should be blaring? Well there are many, but please trust me when I say start with “Ridin’ Solo” by the surprisingly young 20-year-old Jason Derulo. Within the opening bumps to the song, your shoulders will start alternating heights, your head will start to bob, and your smile of singleness will reach to your deep dimples.

Here’s my mad playlist for a morning single dance party. Admission: one.

  1. Ridin’ Solo by Jason Derulo 
  2. Miss Independent by Ne Yo  (Always keep them thinking… be independent!)
  3. It’s My Life by Bon Jovi
  4. Who You Are Without Me by Kate Voegele (Be honest with him/her. Look out for Number one!)
  5. Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child
  6. I’m Every Woman by Whitney Houston (I love WH! SO MUCH! Belt it out!)
  7. Single Ladies by Beyonce (You knew it was coming!)
  8. And finally, when you find “The One” way down the road, you can say to all your friends that this is “your song”… Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson

And if you had a good summer fling, listen to this: (Love Hangover by Jason Derulo) and don’t regret it…. unless he/she was total jerk. In that case, listen to this song: (Goodbye by Kristinia DeBarge).

Single life rocks! Happy independent dancing!


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