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The Sounds of Downtown Cincinnati

By Jennifer M. Dryden (c) March 2010

Any large city can be tantalizing to one’s senses – teasing them with the smell of simmering Skyline Chili or freshly brewed Starbucks, or the sound of sirens for the curious ear. I hit the streets of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, Tuesday to capture it with audio. As I walked down its sidewalks and across the faded white crossing paths with my cousin Bryan, I laughed at myself for what I looked like to the passerby. A Canon XSi Rebel camera hung from my neck, a pink earbud plugged into my left ear, which was connected into an audio recorder in my hand, red record light glowing. I was a sight to see. Bryan laughed a couple times as I stopped mid-step to record a sound of the city – traffic, sirens, stiletto steppers, busses, a parking garage filled with suited executives leaving work. I tried to capture it all. Of course I missed some things along the way, but this three-minute piece sets the listener in the middle of it all no matter the venue.

Click here: Cincinnati.sounds

Recorded: Tuesday, March 16, 2010, late afternoon

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